Plymouth-Canton minority-teacher push stirs controversy

Plymouth-Canton minority-teacher push stirs controversy | | The Detroit News

“They should hire the most qualified teachers, and race and gender should not be a factor,” said Gratz, director of the American Civil Rights Institute, a California-based group that advocates against affirmative action.

That’s insulting, says parent Ann Marie Hudak.

“Who says minority teachers can’t be qualified?” asks Hudak, chairwoman of the Plymouth-Canton Citizens for Diversity and Inclusion.

No one said minority teachers can’t be qualified, Ms. Hudak. The only statement was that the best available teachers should be hired, irrespective of their racial or ethnic background or genitalia configuration. The only person intimating a lack of ability of minority teaches is YOU, Ms. Hudak.

You should stick to the facts and stop trying to change the focus of the discussion via race-baiting.

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