Blog: Mike Thompson: Tea Party candidates on the Michigan ballot?

Blog: Mike Thompson: Tea Party candidates on the Michigan ballot? | | Detroit Free Press


On the one hand, it has to be Michigan Democrats who are behind the effort to get counterfeit Tea Party candidates on the state ballot this November, thereby siphoning votes away from Republicans. It’s a master political stroke; it’s a sophisticated and imaginative move that will cause the Republican’s attack dog to bite its master. It demonstrates savvy, along with a keen understanding of how the game of politics is played.
On the other hand, these are Democrats I’m talking about.

It has already been proven and published (even in the state controlled media like the Detroit Free Press) that the Democrats are the ones perpetrating this hoax (placing a phony "Tea Party" on the ballot) on the public.

Desperation usually produces stupidity (and the Democrats do appear to be desperate) but this action by Obama and his Bolshevik sycophants just reeks of the tactics used by Chavez, Mugabe, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler as they desperately sought to keep their stranglehold on power.

Given the demographics of the real Tea Party people, this inane effort to trick them into diluting their power won’t be effective. However, it does represent the depths of desperation and depravity to which Obama and his Bolshevik sycophants have fallen.

This fake "Tea Party" along with the extensive corruption of the voter registration databases by Obama’s ACORN (and related organizations), the deliberate destruction of the integrity of the Census data (with thousands of false Census forms filed, thousands of forms never sent to (or missing in) "Red State" areas), and the already occurring voter intimidation tactics of the SEIU, other unions and the ‘New" Black Panthers (the black version of the KKK), all point to a concerted action by Obama and his Bolshevik, Democrat sycophants to steal the 2010 (and probably 2012) elections. After all, it’s the "Chicago Way"!

The REAL Tea Party activists, along with the few Republicans that have not already gone over to the Dark Side, better stop their gloating about their "certainty of victory" and get to work to counteract and negate Obama’s nefarious tactics.

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