Cake Boss No More

Cake Boss No More

A federal court judge in Seattle, Wash., barred Discovery Communications, TLC’s parent company, from using "Cake Boss" for the show’s title and associated merchandise in a July 16 court order, pending a future trial.

The judge granted a preliminary injunction in favor of Masters Software, Inc., the Seattle-based company suing TLC, which sells a business management software for professional cake bakers called CakeBoss.

Does Buddy Valastro purport to specify, code, validate and distribute ANY software of ANY kind?

This "judge" is an idiot. The only rational expectation for the granting of this injunction would be if Buddy Valastro was a direct competitor to Masters Software, Inc. and was trying to infringe on their software product.

The last time I saw someone put a piece of cake in a CDROM/ DVDROM drive, all that resulted was a significant repair bill to the computer.

The law is clear. If the apparent similarity in names causes harm to Masters Software, then it is correct to forbid the use of the name "Cake Boss" by Buddy Valastro. Otherwise, Masters Software is filing a frivolous legal action which should be denied and Masters Software punished.

The probable back-story here is that Masters Software probably asked Buddy Valastro (and perhaps The Learning Channel) to endorse their “CakeBoss” computer software product and Buddy and TLC refused. So, a petulant Masters Software is trying to punish Buddy and TLC for refusing Masters’ request/ demand.

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