Tax hikes sought for police, recreation

Tax hikes sought for police, recreation | | Detroit Free Press

Politicians always threaten public safety to get more money to spend on their pet projects. It is beyond their comprehension that spending cuts in non-public safety areas, staff, etc. should be the norm in times when public entities are pressed for money.

It seems the body politic of this country is permanently infected with the STD that government should never be asked to spend less. That they are entitled to increase their pillaging of the tax payers seems to be a fundamental, unchangeable part of the political equation that governs all public entities, whether they be national government, state government, local government, schools, libraries – any public institution.

They all have adopted the "entitlement mentality" where they feel it is the obligation of the taxpayers to give these public entities more money, even if it means financial hardship or disaster for us private individuals.

AIDS is a far less insidious infection of the general population than is this entitlement mentality universally adopted by the ruling political class.

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