More on Senate Dems’ vote to let taxes increase

More on Senate Dems’ vote to let taxes increase | Washington Examiner

Legalized theft. 

At least an honest thief uses a mask and a gun.  Democrats and RINOs just use the weapons (guns, tanks, planes, helicopters, flamethrowers, etc.) of the FBI, IRS, ATF, US Marshall’s Service, and the rest of the armed alphabet soup agencies specifically enabled in the Federal Government (but not in the Constitution) to terrorize us ordinary American Citizens.

The Gestapo and the KGB had nothing over these “jack booted thugs”.

The killer is the AMT. It will now grossly increase the taxes paid by 20 million American Families. The activists for smaller government (like the Tea Partier’s) must do a better job of spreading this information NOW to affect the elections in November. If we wait, it will be too late to affect the results.

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