A Review of “Tempest at Dawn” by James D. Best

This is the best, and most insightful, novel ever written describing the motives, methods, means, and politics that shaped, and ultimately degraded, our founding document. It provides a realistic description of the environment and motivating factors that drove the evolution of the Constitution from the Virginia Plan to the final result. It describes in great detail the moral, ethical, and principled (and in some cases unprincipled) struggle that virtually every delegate had to deal with during this process.

I found it fascinating and truly reflective of their times as well as ours. Politics is a blood sport. It was then and is now… It’s just unfortunate that the delegates were unable to construct a political architecture that would unite the country while making absolutely sure the rights of every individual would never be subordinated to the pack of thieves known as "politicians".

Obama’s ongoing imposition of Bolshevism totalitarianism on the United States has exposed the glaring weaknesses of the original document and the manner in which it has been perverted over the years.

It’s unfortunate that the delegates did not fully understand the depths of depravity to which man would sink. Their confidence in the "goodness" of the "nature" of man was an assumption built upon sand. The “Old Sin Nature” or “Original Sin” is a constant that will always drag corruptible men down to the lowest possible of debasement and lead them to enslave their fellow citizens for the personal benefit of these corrupted and corruptible politicians.

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