Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back

Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back –

It’s not the "Boomers" that is the problem. It’s the government. Exponentially expansive government spending and concomitant plundering of the capital markets, nationalization of critical industries like manufacturing, healthcare and finance, irrational personal, product and economic controls, insane policy decisions like stopping drilling for oil, forcing controls over naturally occurring gaseous emissions (like CO2), etc (the list is endless), Government is the problem.

If the US is to regain any kind of growing, prosperous economy the Government’s unilaterally assumed (and not Constitutionally provided) powers and regulations should be scaled back by 50% to 75% – at a minimum. Government must be scaled back to its enumerated powers as define in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution or it will destroy our country.

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